Willis Consultants has worked with many families to educate students and parents on the most effective ways to ensure students meet all deadlines for college applications. Each student’s needs are different, so we create a custom plan tailored to your child’s desired college and their high school experience.

Both of our children benefitted from your College Admissions Counseling.  We could not have imagined navigating through the process without your immense knowledge & guidance.  Your expertise helped to identify & inspire two vastly different students to select the college that was the perfect fit for them. By leading them through timelines, applications, essays & letters of recommendation it allowed us as parents to step back and allow our children to take ownership of their college decision.”

George & Barb, Newcastle parents

Mike Willis helped to usher our four children into three different universities.  He listened to their dreams and our parameters and kept all of us on task with our respective duties.  Mike was involved early on, as their College Counselor making sure they took the right classes and the right college entrance exams.  His knowledge of the different schools and their attributes was outstanding.  He offered balanced advocacy for both our children and us.  Mike understood our children’s wants, but more importantly, he understood their needs.”

Steve and Shirley, Magnolia parents

As the parents of two daughters who each applied to a number of highly selective universities and colleges, Cindy and I are deeply appreciative for the expertise, in-depth knowledge, and personal attention that Mike Willis provided as we negotiated our way through the process.  Mike’s involvement started more than two years before high school graduation.  His personal knowledge of colleges and universities helped each of our daughters find choices that were tailored to their individual skills, personalities, preferences, and budgets.  Mike’s intimate familiarity of national, regional, and local undergraduate institutions helped us consider options that we would have never considered.  His unique ability to match each of our daughter’s academic, athletic, and personal profiles with specific undergraduate options helped to make the process manageable, targeted, and rewarding.  Our short list included “safe” schools, “maybe” schools as well as “stretch” schools each matching listed criteria.  For each of our daughters, when acceptance letters arrived in the mailbox, Mike was an intimate part of the celebration—and in each case, Mike helped to make sure that all important considerations were factored into final decisions.  As parents, we’re enormously proud of the fact that both girls were accepted into selective liberal arts colleges—and Mike Willis was a central figure for each of their achievements, opening these important doors to their future successes.”

Mel and Cindy, Proud and Grateful Sammamish parents

Although we are both University graduates, the new realities of the college admissions process were daunting. That is why, during our daughter’s junior year in high school, we turned to Mike Willis to help us navigate through those sometimes murky waters. Mike coached us through the entire process. With the added element of being a student-athlete, Coach Willis helped our daughter articulate what was important to her college search. Four years later, we turned to Mike again to help with our son’s college prep, search and admissions process. Again, Coach Willis was able to keep our son on task and on time all the way through. Something that we parents were unable to do! Both kids were accepted to and graduated from their first choice university. Thank you Mike.”

Scott and Carrie, Queen Anne parents