About Us

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Our business originated a decade ago with the purpose of helping guide both students and parents through the important process of determining their post high school plans.  What we present here will help you begin the clarification process for choosing your lifeplan whether it is post-secondary education, workforce training, military service or a gap-year activity.

We believe in honest, open and truthful communication.  Parents will need to be patient with their students as they go through this process and students will need to understand that their parents have valuable insights too.  We ask all involved to realize that there is more than one option; more than one perfect school; more than one training program; more than one lifeplan.

Regardless of pathway, I have spent considerable time preparing families, educating families, helping them explore, helping them investigate, helping them apply, helping them select.  It will be my honor to help you too.

Now go ahead and get started.  Explore the rest of the website and if you are feeling overwhelmed please contact us.  We can help.