About Mike

Game Planning for College

Mike Willis is a counselor, teacher, and coach whose professional experience can help your son or daughter prepare for school entrance exams and create a plan for the college bound.  As a teacher, counselor, and coach, he knows how to help prepare your student for success as they plan to apply to their preferred college.

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Professional Services

Procedures and Pricing

Being a former classroom teacher, athletic coach and school counselor I know that each student develops differently and each has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.  As a result, I have treated each of them independently of the others.  There is no one commonly accepted pathway in college admissions.

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What parents have to say

Willis Consultants has worked with many families to educate students and parents on the most effective ways to ensure students meet all deadlines for college applications. Each student’s needs are different, so we create a custom plan tailored to your child’s desired college and their high school experience.

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